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[Technology Program] Policy support for technological innovation, intelligent lightning protection technology is expected to experience stable and continuous growth in the low-voltage engineering mar

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The widespread adoption of any product must meet three prerequisites: technological maturity, ability to address urgent market demands, and policy support. With the advancement of technology, electronic and electrical equipment is constantly innovating, and lightning protection is an important component of electrical safety technology.
Traditional lightning protection measures mainly involve lightning arresters, grounding systems, surge protectors (SPDs), equipotential bonding, and electromagnetic pulse protection. Defects in lightning protection engineering, such as deterioration of key components, breakage of down conductors, or increased resistance of grounding systems due to corrosion, are often difficult to identify through visual inspection. Moreover, periodic manual inspections cannot guarantee timely detection of faults, which may result in ineffective operation of the lightning protection system in the event of lightning strikes. The development of intelligent lightning protection technology has effectively made up for these shortcomings. This technology can detect anomalies in key parameters in real-time through centralized network monitoring, and can provide multiple alarms at multiple locations to identify potential hazards in advance and quickly handle them, ensuring the safety of electrical equipment.

As is well known, intelligent lightning protection equipment has been widely used in key industries of the country in the past few years, including gas stations, refineries, railways and other key fields, as well as core data centers in the weak current field. The data cabinets are equipped with intelligent SPD (which can judge the quality of the equipment and whether there is leakage) and grounding continuity monitoring modules. After several years of practical application, these technologies have gained high recognition from users and relevant departments for their disaster reduction achievements.
In August of this year, the China Meteorological Administration issued the "Opinions on Accelerating the Digital Reform of Lightning Protection Safety Supervision" (Qi Fa [2023] No. 90), requiring meteorological departments in various provinces to promote the centralized supervision of lightning protection safety in key industries through digital reform by 2025. This policy measure aims to implement the Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Strengthening the Construction of Digital Government (Guofa [2022] No. 14) and the Notice of the State Council on Issuing the Outline of High Quality Meteorological Development (2022-2035) (Guofa [2022] No. 11), promote the digitization of lightning protection safety supervision work, thereby improving regulatory effectiveness and effectively preventing and controlling safety risks.
From this trend, traditional manual lightning protection detection methods may soon be replaced by online digital monitoring methods. With the rise of intelligent buildings and the popularization of data centers in various industries, as well as the increase in the types and quantities of field monitoring equipment, the scale of intelligent lightning protection technology in the weak current engineering market is expected to continue to grow steadily. It is widely believed in the industry that the period from 2024 to 2026 will be the peak of large-scale popularization of intelligent lightning protection technology. (Source: Lightning Protection in China)
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Our corporate focuses on the research, development, and production of intelligent power testing and control instruments; and also provides OEM service.
Guangdong ETCR Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd
Our corporate focuses on the research, development, and production of intelligent power testing and control instruments; and also provides OEM service.



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