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ETCR5000 Power Quality Analyzer

Main Functions
It is used for comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of three-phase power parameters, which provides all the power quality information user need for working.
4-channel current, voltage measurement
Transient record
Screenshot record
Trend chart record
SD memory card
USB communication interface
    Product Introduction
    ETCR5000 Power Quality Analyzer, also known as power parameter tester and harmonic analyzer, which is a multifunctional and intelligent integrated test instrument designed for on field testing of three-phase power parameter. Can simultaneously measure 4 channel currents (ABC three-phase and neutral line current), 4 channel voltages (ABC three-phase voltage and neutral line grounding voltage), peak value of current and voltage, maximum and minimum value over a period of time, three-phase imbalance, short-term voltage flicker, transformer K-factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, displacement power factor, active energy, reactive energy, apparent energy, harmonic ratio, total harmonic distortion, etc; Display real-time waveform of current and voltage, phasor diagram and harmonic ratio bar chart; Dynamic capture instantaneous changes of voltage and current, monitoring starting current, monitoring various power parameters and generating alarm lists, long-term recording of test data and generation of trend graphs and other functions. Suitable for power, petrochemical, metallurgical, railway, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, metrology departments, etc.
    ETCR5000 Power Quality Analyzer adopt with DSP+ARM dual processor architecture, DSP is responsible for data acquisition and algorithm processing, ARM is responsible for communication protocol and human-machine interface processing; The analog signal acquisition is completed using two ADI company resolution 16 bit 4-channel synchronous sampling AD7655 chips, achieving a maximum sampling rate of 1MSPS, ensuring the accuracy and information integrity of the channels, and not missing any transient changes in the power grid, making the detection of transient waveforms, sudden rise and fall, instantaneous interruptions, etc. more accurate; DSP operating frequency of more than 200MHz , Can monitor the power grid in a timely manner and dynamically adjust the sampling frequency to achieve synchronization of power frequency and sampling frequency. Using 5.6 inch LCD color screen display with resolution of 640dots × 480dots, displaying parameters, waveform diagrams, phasor diagrams and harmonic ratio diagrams of each phase with different colors, which enable users to more efficiently and intuitively understand the status of power grid parameters. The built-in SD flash memory can simultaneously store 60 sets of screenshots, 150 sets of transient voltage/current capture waveforms, 12800 sets of alarm logs, and the startup current detection mode can continuously capture the startup current waveform for 100 seconds. The built-in 2G memory card is used to store long-term trend curve records, while also recording 20 electricity parameters (optional). It can be collected and recorded once every 1 minute, and can record and store trend curve records for up to 300 days. Upload stored data to the computer through USB communication interface and upper computer software to continue data analysis.
    Basic Functions
    1.Real time waveform display (4 channels voltage/4 channels current).
    2.True effective values of voltage and current.
    3.Voltage DC component.
    4.Peak value current and voltage.
    5.The maximum/minimum values of the half cycle effective values of current and voltage.
    6.Phasor diagram display.
    7.Measurement of harmonics in each phase, up to 50 harmonics.
    8.The bar chart displays the current of each phase and the harmonic content rate of voltage.
    9.Total harmonic distortion (THD).
    10.The active/reactive/apparent power values and total values of each phase.
    11.The active/reactive/apparent electrical energy value and total value of each phase.
    12.Transformer K-factor.
    13.Power factor (PF) and COS φ Displacement Power Factor (DPF).
    14.Short term voltage flicker.
    15.Three phase imbalance (voltage and current).
    Product Features
    1.Conduct a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of all electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power, electrical energy, harmonics, phase, etc.
    2.4 current clamps are available for selection, suitable for various locations.
    3.4 channels current and voltage measurement, while capturing and recording electrical parameters and waveforms.
    4.Super large LCD color screen display with high resolution.
    5.Bilingual operation interface in both Chinese and English.
    6.USB communication interface.
    Technical Parameter
    1.Measurement Accuracy
    Measurement Specifications Measurement Range Display Solution Max. Error Within The Reference Range
    Frequency 40Hz~70Hz 0.01Hz ±(0.03)Hz
    True Effective Value Of Phase Voltage 1.0V~1000V Min. Solution 0.1V ±(0.5%rdg+5dgt)
    True Effective Value Of Line Voltage 1.0V~2000V Min. Solution 0.1V ±(0.5%rdg+5dgt)
    DC Voltage 1.0V~1000V Min. Solution 0.1V ±(1.0%rdg+5dgt)
    True Effective Value Of Current 10mA~6000A Min. Solution 1mA ±(0.5%rdg+2dgt)
    Peak phase voltage 1.0V~1414V Min. Solution 0.1V ±(1.0%rdg+5dgt)
    Peak line voltage 1.0V~2828V Min. Solution 0.1V ±(1.0%rdg+5dgt)
    Peak Current Value 10mA~6000A Min. Solution 1mA ±(1.0%rdg+5dgt)
    Peak Factor 1.00~3.99 0.01 ±(1%rdg+2dgt)
    4.00~9.99 0.01 ±(5%rdg+2dgt)
    Active Factor 0.000W~9999.9kW Min. Solution 0.001W ±(1%rdg+3dgt); Cosφ≥0.8
    Reactive Power Inductive & Capacitive 0.000VAR~9999.9kVAR Min. Solution 0.001VAR ±(1%rdg+3dgt);Sinφ≥0.5
    ±(1.5%rdg+10dgt); 0.2≤Sinφ<0.5
    Apparent Power 0.000VA~9999.9kVA Min. Solution 0.001VA ±(1%rdg+3dgt)
    Power Factor -1.000~1.000 0.001 ±(1.5%rdg+3dgt);Cosφ≥0.5
    Active Electrical Energy 0.000Wh~9999.9MWh Min. Solution 0.001Wh ±(1%rdg+3dgt);osφ≥0.8
    Reactive Power Inductive & Capacitive 0.000VARh~9999.9MVARh Min. Solution 0.001VARh ±(1%rdg+3dgt);Sinφ≥0.5
    Apparent Electrical Energy 0.000VAh~9999.9MVAh Min. Solution 0.001VAh ±(1%rdg+3dgt)
    Phase Angle -179°~180° ±(2°)
    Tanφ(VA≥50VA) -32.768~32.768 Min. Solution 0.001 ±(1%rdg+5dgt)
    Displacement Power Factor(DPF) -1.000~1.000 0.001 ±(1%rdg+5dgt)
    Harmonic Ratio (Vrms>50V) 0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 % ±(1%rdg+5dgt)
    Harmonic Angle(Vrms>50V) -179°~180° ±(3°)harmonic 1~25 times
    ±(10°)harmonic 26~50 times
    Total Harmonic Rate (DF orTHD-F)≤50 0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 % ±(1%rdg+5dgt)
    Distortion Factor (DF or THD-R)≤50 0.0 %~99.9 % 0.1 % ±(1%rdg+10dgt)
    Transformer K-factor 1.00~99.99 0.01 ±(5 %)
    Three-phase Imbalance 0.0%~100 % 0.1 % ±(1 %)
    2.General Specifications
    Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery pack 9.6V, external battery charger.
    Display Mode LCD true-color screen, 640dots×480dots, 5.6 inch, display area 116mm×88mm.
    Battery Level Indication The battery symbol 5 cells displays the battery levels. When the battery level is lower, it will shut down automatically after 1 minutes.
    Working Current About 490mA, The battery works continuously for about 8 hours at full power.
    Clamp Jaw Size 008B Pointed small current clamp: Φ8mm; (option)
    040B Round mouth current clamp: 35mm×40mm; (option)
    068B Round mouth current clamp: 68mm×68mm; (option)
    300F Flexible coil current sensor: Φ300mm; (option)
    Number Of Channels 4 channels of current and voltage
    Line Voltage 1.0V~2000V
    Phase Voltage 1.0V~1000V
    Current 008B Current clamp: 10mA~10.0A; (option)
    040B Current clamp: 0.10A~100A; (option)
    068B Current clamp: 1.0A~1000A; (option)
    300F Flexible coil current sensor: 10A~6000A (option)
    Frequency 40Hz~70Hz。
    Electricity Quantity Parameters W, VA, Var, PF, DPF, cosφ, tanφ.
    Electric Energy Parameters Wh, Varh, Vah.
    Harmonic Yes, 0~50times.
    Total Harmonic Distortion Yes, 0~50times, each phase.
    Number Of Transient Recording Groups 150 groups.
    Voltage Flicker Yes
    Starting Current Mode Yes, 100 seconds.
    Three-phase Imbalance Yes
    Record 300 days (record 20 parameters at the same time, record 1 parameter every 1 minute).
    Min Max Record Value Yes, the maximum and minimum values can be measured over a period of time.
    Alarm 40 different types of parameters can be selected, and 12,800 sets of alarm logs.
    Peak Value Yes
    Screenshot Capacity 60 PCS
    Menu Language Chinese and English.
    SD Memory Card 2G
    Communication Interface USB
    Automatic Shutdown In the alarm/trend chart recording/transient capture mode (pending or in progress), the instrument will not automatically shut down.
    In other test mode, no button operation within 15 minutes, automatically shut down after 1 minute prompt.
    Backlight Function Yes, it is suitable for use in dim place and at night.
    Meter Size 240mm×170mm×68mm
    Weight Host: about 1.6kg (include battery); total weight: about 9.18kg (include package and accessory).
    Input Impedance Input impedance of the test voltage: 1MΩ.
    Withstand Voltage The sine wave AC voltage of 3700V/50Hz withstand between the instrument circuit and the housing for 1 minute.
    Insulation The distance between the instrument circuit and the protective case ≥ 10M Ω.
    Suitable Safety Standard IEC 61010 1000V Cat III / 600V CAT IV, IEC61010-031, IEC61326, Pollution Level 2.
    Working Temperature & Humidity -10℃~40℃; below 80%RH.
    Store Temperature & Humidity -10℃~60℃; below 70%RH.

    3.The Characteristics Of Current Clamp
    Current Clamp Model Current Clamp Current True RMS Value The Maximum Error Of The True RMS Value Of The Current Maximum Error Of Phase Angle
    ETCR 008B
    CT Size: Ф8mm
    10mA~99mA ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(1.5°),Arms≥20mA
    100mA~10.0A ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(1°)
    ETCR 040B
    CT Size: Ф40mm
    0.10A~0.99A ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(1.5°)
    1.00A~100A ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(1°)
    ETCR 068B
    CT Size: Ф68mm
    1.0A~9.9A ±(2 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(3°)
    10.0A~1000A ±(2 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(2°)
    ETCR 300F
    CT Size: Ф300mm
    10A~99A ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(3°)
    100A~6000A ±(1 %rdg + 3dgt) ±(2°)
    Model comparison
    Product Picture Product Model Name Measurement Channel Current Range Resistance Range Harmonic Transient Trend Chart Recorder Screenshot Memory Card USB Others
    ETCR5000 Power Quality Analyzer 4 channel 10mA~6000A 1.0V~1000V 0~50 times Yes Yes -- Yes SD Card 2G Yes  
    ETCR5200 Mini Power Quality Analyzer 4 channel 10mA~6000A 1.0V~600V 2~51 times Yes -- Yes Yes TF Card 8G Yes True-Color
    touch screen
    Data download
Guangdong ETCR Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd
Our corporate focuses on the research, development, and production of intelligent power testing and control instruments; and also provides OEM service.
Guangdong ETCR Electronic Technology CO.,Ltd
Our corporate focuses on the research, development, and production of intelligent power testing and control instruments; and also provides OEM service.



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